Am I Right, Ladies?

Sometimes going to the doctor can be all kinds of awkward. I know we're all just human beings with the same general parts and afflictions, but whether we admit it or not, the whole deal is a bit awkward, no matter how much the nice doctor, nurse, and staff are trying to make you feel… Continue reading Am I Right, Ladies?

Capture This Moment With Your Mind’s Eye Not Your Camera’s

Young Shannon is not impressed, but she did dress to match her decorations.

I often find myself so overwhelmed by the beauty of something I feel like I might actually explode. I used to figure this was probably weird until I read a passage in an outstanding book about introverts┬áthat referred to a subset of people who are also "highly sensitive". It said, "'re more apt than the… Continue reading Capture This Moment With Your Mind’s Eye Not Your Camera’s

Enjoy Your Metaphorical Giant Snowflakes

I am just as anxious as the next person for Spring to quit messing around and finally allow the weather to match the calendar. I want to ride the new bicycle I bought, rejuvenate my long forgotten flower beds, and not have to carry a scarf and gloves everywhere I go. But this noon when… Continue reading Enjoy Your Metaphorical Giant Snowflakes

Welcome Glad Spring

The title of this post was swiped from my mom's brilliant mind. For those of you reading who worked with my mom, forgive me if I mangle the exact wording, she told this story better than I do. One year the potted plant by the office door withered its way down to a stick in… Continue reading Welcome Glad Spring