Back Off My Bumper

One minute you're driving home from work, listening to the radio and planning what to have for dinner, the next you're pulled onto the side of the road, taking pictures of what used to be your car's bumper and exchanging every number that's ever been assigned to you and your vehicle with a stranger. Last… Continue reading Back Off My Bumper

Super Plant Lady

Is there anything to compare to those first fresh days of Spring after a long cold Winter? The warm breezes, the shining sun, your overconfidence in your gardening abilities and your unrealistic expectations for your commitment to working outdoors all Summer long? As we head into the first days of Autumn, I look back at… Continue reading Super Plant Lady

Am I Right, Ladies?

Sometimes going to the doctor can be all kinds of awkward. I know we're all just human beings with the same general parts and afflictions, but whether we admit it or not, the whole deal is a bit awkward, no matter how much the nice doctor, nurse, and staff are trying to make you feel… Continue reading Am I Right, Ladies?