Ideas Flow With Your Blood

Coagulation is awful. Well, unless you're bleeding profusely, then I suppose it's pretty awesome. I'm speaking metaphorically. If I may toss a little basic science your way, coagulation is when a liquid starts to thicken into a solid state. When you're bleeding, your body all seems to be on the same page, and reacts accordingly.… Continue reading Ideas Flow With Your Blood

Am I Right, Ladies?

Sometimes going to the doctor can be all kinds of awkward. I know we're all just human beings with the same general parts and afflictions, but whether we admit it or not, the whole deal is a bit awkward, no matter how much the nice doctor, nurse, and staff are trying to make you feel… Continue reading Am I Right, Ladies?

What Your Teenage Self Didn’t Know About The Person You’ve Become

Goodnight, sun. Thanks for a great day!

Sweatpants. Other than "nap", "pizza", and "chocolate", few words have the ability to bring the type of joy to me that "sweatpants" does. Sweatpants mean comfort, relaxation, warmth, and comfort. Did I say that already? When I walk in the door of my house, I take off my shoes and coat and walk directly to… Continue reading What Your Teenage Self Didn’t Know About The Person You’ve Become

Stress: Where Honorable Goals Go To Die

Who doesn't love a good goal? The weeks preceding January 1 are awash with thoughts of how to create the best "new you" in the new year. Then the clock strikes midnight, the flood gates open and with a rush of adrenaline you plant your feet and declare to the world this is the year… Continue reading Stress: Where Honorable Goals Go To Die