Mom’s Mugs

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” – Proverb of Unknown Origin “Lack of storage space is the impetus for emotional breakthroughs.” – Me The small lower cabinet where I store surplus bottles of water, juice, and sports drinks waiting for their turn in the refrigerator was full. I’d reached the limit for the number of […]

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A Moment To Smooth The Rough

Rough. Look it up. This word has many definitions: 1. Not quite exact or correct 2. An irregular surface 3. Full of hardship or trials 4. Violently agitated and turbulent 5. Unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound 6. Unkind, cruel, or uncivil 7. Not perfected Any number of these definitions could be creatively applied to […]

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Use The Iced Tea Spoon

I like iced tea. In fact, other than water and a couple of different fruit juices mixed with water, iced tea is all I drink. Occasionally I brew it myself from tea bags and then add ice. Okay, truth? By “occasionally”, I mean maybe twice a year…but I have honorable intentions. When I was a […]

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The Bunny Hour

The sun fades. The twilight grows. The sky melts into pale, hazy, blue, pink. The last rays shoot over the roof onto the branches of the wide spread maple tree. I sit on my white folding chair watching them run, crouch, chase in circles around the apple trees. It is The Bunny Hour. I see […]

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