Quick Sticks: Remember The Mustard, Forget The Mustard

Ever had one of those days?
Maybe You Can Relate to Quick Sticks: Stick Figure stories in under a minute from maybeyoucanrelate.com.

2 thoughts on “Quick Sticks: Remember The Mustard, Forget The Mustard”

  1. Quick Sticks! Love the name!! You didn’t hear this from me, but a trick is to grab a pack or two of mustard from the convenient store next time you’re in buying something. You can keep those in your purse…unless you need special mustard. ??

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    1. I’m sorry, have you met me? You know, of COURSE I need special mustard. 😉 haha! But, you also know I like to be uber-prepared for anything and everything, so default/emergency mustard is a fantastic idea! (Seriously. Thank you. I just wrote “get emergency mustard” on my list.)

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