My Definition Of Summer Camp


I never went to summer camp as a kid. When I was young, I played outdoors all summer long, all day, every day, with the kids on my block. When I was older, I played organized sports all summer long. Summer camp was my idea of a hazy, unknown, sleep-away nightmare. Certain to be nothing… Continue reading My Definition Of Summer Camp

Capture This Moment With Your Mind’s Eye Not Your Camera’s

Young Shannon is not impressed, but she did dress to match her decorations.

I often find myself so overwhelmed by the beauty of something I feel like I might actually explode. I used to figure this was probably weird until I read a passage in an outstanding book about introverts┬áthat referred to a subset of people who are also "highly sensitive". It said, "'re more apt than the… Continue reading Capture This Moment With Your Mind’s Eye Not Your Camera’s