My Definition Of Summer Camp


I never went to summer camp as a kid. When I was young, I played outdoors all summer long, all day, every day, with the kids on my block. When I was older, I played organized sports all summer long. Summer camp was my idea of a hazy, unknown, sleep-away nightmare. Certain to be nothing… Continue reading My Definition Of Summer Camp

The Flower Bed Saga Part Two: Rise Of The Weeds

Oh, the grand schemes! Oh, the high hopes of sunny spring days! Oh, the reality of my lack of follow-through. You know the feeling. Summer stretches out before you like a lazy river in your mind as you float downstream in a mental inner tube. The whole world seems possible. You will build a grand… Continue reading The Flower Bed Saga Part Two: Rise Of The Weeds

Cars, Carnivals, and Flying Critters

I live in a small town that is a suburb of a larger city. I get the best of both worlds and this weekend is a small town weekend. It's the weekend of my town's annual festival. Four days filled with activities for all ages, most of which I don't attend, but it gives you… Continue reading Cars, Carnivals, and Flying Critters

The Flower Bed Saga: Part One

Last Friday was a beautiful day and I was lucky enough to be able to take the afternoon off work to enjoy it. I initially had no clear plan of what I wanted to do. I just knew I wanted to be outdoors. On my way out the door of my office, a coworker joked,… Continue reading The Flower Bed Saga: Part One