The Crazy Lady Who Circles Her Yard

If you've thought the words, "I wish I could just...", followed directly by the words, "...but what would people think?", then congratulations, you are part of the human race. My day started out well enough. I woke up in a good mood. I did Saturday-ish stuff. Along about midday I started getting frustrated with a… Continue reading The Crazy Lady Who Circles Her Yard

The Secret We Pretend We Don’t Know

I'm ok. I'm just tired.

Psst. Hey. You wanna know a secret? Life is hard sometimes. I don't mean capital-letters LIFE, your string of years on this planet, where into your LIFE good times and bad times will come. Everybody admits capital-letters LIFE can be hard sometimes. I mean lowercase life, the daily act of getting out of bed in… Continue reading The Secret We Pretend We Don’t Know

Super Plant Lady

Is there anything to compare to those first fresh days of Spring after a long cold Winter? The warm breezes, the shining sun, your overconfidence in your gardening abilities and your unrealistic expectations for your commitment to working outdoors all Summer long? As we head into the first days of Autumn, I look back at… Continue reading Super Plant Lady

This Squirrel’s Gonna Party Like It’s 1999!

Who hasn't wanted to grab two fistfuls of food and swing upside down from the cafeteria salad bar while you stuff your face? What? No one? Yeah. Me neither. But, Winston the Squirrel loves to ride his gravy train like a spinning disco ball in the middle of a Prince song! A few weeks ago,… Continue reading This Squirrel’s Gonna Party Like It’s 1999!