The Secret We Pretend We Don’t Know

I'm ok. I'm just tired.

Psst. Hey. You wanna know a secret? Life is hard sometimes. I don't mean capital-letters LIFE, your string of years on this planet, where into your LIFE good times and bad times will come. Everybody admits capital-letters LIFE can be hard sometimes. I mean lowercase life, the daily act of getting out of bed in… Continue reading The Secret We Pretend We Don’t Know

Adults Have It Easy…And Other Dumb Assumptions

He went thataway!

"Like Marie Curie discovered radium, like Jonas Salk discovered the polio vaccine, today, after a year of loading and unloading provisions in the dark...I just discovered there IS, IN FACT, a light in the cargo area of my CRV. I assume my "International Medal of Brilliant Awesomeness" is already in the mail."I posted the above… Continue reading Adults Have It Easy…And Other Dumb Assumptions