A Moment To Smooth The Rough


Rough. Look it up. This word has many definitions: 1. Not quite exact or correct 2. An irregular surface 3. Full of hardship or trials 4. Violently agitated and turbulent 5. Unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound 6. Unkind, cruel, or uncivil 7. Not perfected Any number of these definitions could be creatively applied to… Continue reading A Moment To Smooth The Rough

Adults Have It Easy…And Other Dumb Assumptions

He went thataway!

"Like Marie Curie discovered radium, like Jonas Salk discovered the polio vaccine, today, after a year of loading and unloading provisions in the dark...I just discovered there IS, IN FACT, a light in the cargo area of my CRV. I assume my "International Medal of Brilliant Awesomeness" is already in the mail."I posted the above… Continue reading Adults Have It Easy…And Other Dumb Assumptions

Stress: Where Honorable Goals Go To Die

Who doesn't love a good goal? The weeks preceding January 1 are awash with thoughts of how to create the best "new you" in the new year. Then the clock strikes midnight, the flood gates open and with a rush of adrenaline you plant your feet and declare to the world this is the year… Continue reading Stress: Where Honorable Goals Go To Die