Super Plant Lady

Is there anything to compare to those first fresh days of Spring after a long cold Winter? The warm breezes, the shining sun, your overconfidence in your gardening abilities and your unrealistic expectations for your commitment to working outdoors all Summer long?

As we head into the first days of Autumn, I look back at another season of high hopes and low follow-through. The rise and fall of a caped hero I hope you can relate to as she loses hope and regains her optimism. I am Super Plant Lady!

Shannon in The Land Of…High Hopes
Super Plant Lady

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6 thoughts on “Super Plant Lady”

    1. Thanks so much, Roy. My idea of viral is double digit views, so in my mind, I’m already storming the interwebs. I have a couple more ideas brewing. I will definitely do more! Thanks for reading and watching!


  1. I can so relate–to every single frame of this! This is me. Like, I think you’ve been spying on me. As with most DIY, I love the planning/dreaming/getting supplies part so much more than the actual doing part. The only thing that saves me is that Cane actually likes the doing part. So, I dream, he does. It mostly works. 🙂


    1. haha! I’m glad I’m not the only one! Problem is, I don’t have a doer around. What I have is a ton of unfinished, abandoned projects. At least that doesn’t bother me…as I’m already wrapped up in the next big plan. 🙂


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