Sometimes You Should Listen To Your Shirt

I decided this week that I need to make more of an effort to exercise on the weekends. I've kind of fallen off the exercise bandwagon lately and I'm starting to notice the effects. But recognizing the benefits of something doesn't automatically make it easier to accomplish. I've often read that exercising first thing in… Continue reading Sometimes You Should Listen To Your Shirt

Give A Girl A Hand Saw

And to my left...were leaves. Until a couple of hours ago. I posted before about my new reading and writing spot. I can't begin to tell you how much I love my kitchen desk. I spend hours a day sitting there. One thing I really love about it is that to my right is the… Continue reading Give A Girl A Hand Saw

A Million Tiny Rocks

Gravel roads bring back many memories for me. When I was little the busy five-lane paved street that now runs just feet away, next to my house, was a gravel road. I heard the distinctive rumble cars make on gravel every day while I played in the yard. My house was hard to keep dusted.… Continue reading A Million Tiny Rocks