I Can’t Believe I Left My Cell Phone Charger At My Desk: My Adventure In The Emergency Room

"If my cell goes out and you get a call from xxx-xxx-xxxx that's me calling from room CDU #6."That is an excerpt from a text I sent at 9:42pm on Monday, July 22 from my comfy bed in the Clinical Decision Unit of the hospital. (Well, comfy in comparison to the horribly UNcomfortable bed, in… Continue reading I Can’t Believe I Left My Cell Phone Charger At My Desk: My Adventure In The Emergency Room

A Million Tiny Rocks

Gravel roads bring back many memories for me. When I was little the busy five-lane paved street that now runs just feet away, next to my house, was a gravel road. I heard the distinctive rumble cars make on gravel every day while I played in the yard. My house was hard to keep dusted.… Continue reading A Million Tiny Rocks

Enjoy Your Metaphorical Giant Snowflakes

I am just as anxious as the next person for Spring to quit messing around and finally allow the weather to match the calendar. I want to ride the new bicycle I bought, rejuvenate my long forgotten flower beds, and not have to carry a scarf and gloves everywhere I go. But this noon when… Continue reading Enjoy Your Metaphorical Giant Snowflakes

Easily Distracted And Creatively Ambitious

2013_0324 Sunday To look at my life from the outside, it probably doesn't seem that busy. She works, but what else does she do? Well, you're right. I don't need a message center in my house to keep track of my scheduled activities and social events. In fact, to be honest with you, at this… Continue reading Easily Distracted And Creatively Ambitious