Don’t Let Anybody Steal Your Joy Today

I'm SO tired. It's so COLD outside. It's CLOUDY. Where is the SUN? I have ZERO energy. HOW am I going to GET THROUGH today? This. Day. Is. A. WRITE-OFF. Or I thought it was, until I crossed paths with a Salvation Army bell ringer. I went into the store with a foul mood. I… Continue reading Don’t Let Anybody Steal Your Joy Today

Give A Girl A Hand Saw

And to my left...were leaves. Until a couple of hours ago. I posted before about my new reading and writing spot. I can't begin to tell you how much I love my kitchen desk. I spend hours a day sitting there. One thing I really love about it is that to my right is the… Continue reading Give A Girl A Hand Saw

Enjoy Your Metaphorical Giant Snowflakes

I am just as anxious as the next person for Spring to quit messing around and finally allow the weather to match the calendar. I want to ride the new bicycle I bought, rejuvenate my long forgotten flower beds, and not have to carry a scarf and gloves everywhere I go. But this noon when… Continue reading Enjoy Your Metaphorical Giant Snowflakes

My Twenty Years In The Driveway Are Over and Goodwill Has My Sofa

2013_0316 Saturday For the first time in my twenty years behind the wheel my car is parked indoors. No more scraping ice from the windshield. No more warming my car up for ten minutes when it's twenty degrees below zero outside. No more opening the windows for ten minutes to cool my car down when… Continue reading My Twenty Years In The Driveway Are Over and Goodwill Has My Sofa