Kinetic Imprint Is Live

It’s been two years now since my mom lost her battle with cancer. And for those two years, nearly every memory of her, even the joyful ones, was tinged with sadness. I still miss my mom, but as the second anniversary of her passing approached, I wanted to find a way to focus on being happy. When she came into my mind, I wanted my first thought not to be sad that she was no longer around, but to instead focus on all the positive things she gave me in my life while she was here.

With that in mind, I have started a new website. Kinetic Imprint ( is my attempt to take the foundation of who my mom was as a person, how she made people feel, how she made me feel and how she raised me, and put that energy back out into the world now that she is no longer in this world to do that herself.

Rather than tell you more about it here, I’ll let you head over there and take a look around yourself.

You can start with the main website:
Or the kinetic imprint blog:

Thanks in advance for your time and your support!

8 thoughts on “Kinetic Imprint Is Live”

      1. I’m so sorry you’ve had to endure the loss of so many, so close to you. It’s hard to comprehend how the passing of time can make things easier and harder, simultaneously. Grief is a curious thing. You take care of your heart as well.

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  1. This is wonderful. As my new business is scarcely gaining traction, I have no means to donate and support at this time. However, I assure you that in the next several months, I will be doing so, and I use the P-word (promise) I always keep my word.

    In the mean time, I will share this on Thursday — my busiest traffic day on my blog.

    Good wishes to you!


    1. Thank you, Roy. There are so many ways to be supportive other than monetarily. I appreciate the support you give by always taking the time to read and comment on my work. Thank you for your offer to share my project on your blog. Oh, and if I’ve never said it expressly, I wish you the best of luck on your new business!


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