Enjoy Your Metaphorical Giant Snowflakes

I am just as anxious as the next person for Spring to quit messing around and finally allow the weather to match the calendar. I want to ride the new bicycle I bought, rejuvenate my long forgotten flower beds, and not have to carry a scarf and gloves everywhere I go. But this noon when I stood on my tiptoes and peeked over the top of my cubicle and saw the haze of white swirling snowflakes through our giant wall of windows all I could think was, “I gotta get out there!”

Normally you can see right out these windows. The white is the swirling snow.
Normally you can see right out these windows. The white is the swirling snow.

Each time it snows this late in the season I think I better get out and enjoy it. This will probably be the last time this season. Sadly,  this is the fourth time I’ve said that so far, each time thinking it couldn’t possibly snow again this late in April, but whatever. I love walking through giant snowflakes. It makes me happy – splashing-in-the-puddles, climbing-a-tree, running-through-the-sprinkler, little-kid happy. And these weren’t the tiny, dry, grainy boring snowflakes. These were the big, wet, showy, “look at me I’m a SNOWFLAKE!” type.

One of my favorite walking spots.
One of my favorite walking spots.

I walked my usual route, giant flakes pelting my face, the cuffs of my pants wicking up the puddles. My hair was already a mess today so I didn’t even put up my hood.

Surprise music.
Surprise music.

When I opened the door to pass through one of the buildings on campus I was greeted by the sound of flutes and a piano. I had forgotten today was a Music As Medicine day. A series of free lunchtime concerts in the Atrium designed to give patients, family, and staff the chance to bring their lunch and enjoy the healing power of music. Today was the local Chamber Music Society. What a beautiful, unexpected bonus to my day! I stood on the third floor looking down at the crowd, one-finger-typing notes for this post on my phone, snow still swirling out the window, live music calming and invigorating my soul.

There are some things you can’t control. Face it, there are a lot of things you can’t control. If I could snap my fingers and make it a breezy 65 degrees outside, I’d be snapping ’til my fingers fell off. But, snapping doesn’t make it so. (I tried several times during the writing of this post…windchill is still 24 degrees outside.) All you can do is wait for tomorrow. Nobody knows what the future holds for them or when it will arrive. Worrying about, planning for, and looking toward the future is inevitable. We all do it. Anticipation can be a great thing. But don’t forget to pay attention to today. Eventually bicycles will be ridden, flowers will be planted, and who knows what other adventures await us. But, while you’re rushing through your day, impatiently waiting for tomorrow to arrive, don’t miss a chance to enjoy your metaphorical giant snowflakes…whatever they may be.

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