Back Off My Bumper

One minute you’re driving home from work, listening to the radio and planning what to have for dinner, the next you’re pulled onto the side of the road, taking pictures of what used to be your car’s bumper and exchanging every number that’s ever been assigned to you and your vehicle with a stranger.

Last month I was involved in my first car accident. Ever. It was a pain, literally and figuratively. Everyone in my lane of rush hour traffic slammed on their brakes for no apparent reason. I managed to slam on mine and avoid the car in front of me. The driver behind me was not so lucky. He managed to crunch up my bumper to the tune of a few thousand dollars.

Other than a lot of stiff, sore muscles the next few days, I was fine, and his insurance paid for everything, but being jarred out of your world so abruptly can shake you up for a bit. And the aftermath sure was an annoying disruption to the life of this girl who needs her normalcy and routine. Every single control on my rental car seemed to me to be in a nonsensical, non-intuitive place. It was like driving my Bizarro World car.

Now that my life is back in order, please enjoy my attempt at turning this whole event into a humorous animated story.

Shannon in The Land Of…Frustrating Days
First Car Accident: Back Off My Bumper

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8 thoughts on “Back Off My Bumper”

  1. I can’t decide which is my favorite part. The picture of your hhuuuuggee rental car next to your miniature house or the evil laugh of the sprite playing over your look of growing disgust. IT’S A TIE. Good job, my friend. Glad your life is finally back on track.


  2. Oh, no! I’d never been in an accident until about 2 years ago. A speeding lady (who hit and ran and had no insurance) decided that she’d rather be in my lane. While I was still in it. Such a hassle! I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt. And I, too, love the picture of your giant rental next to your house. 🙂


  3. Glad you’re ok. Simple twists of fate.

    I’m a bike commuter. Three years ago I was leaving my fitness studio one evening at the end of a work day. As I was locking the door I fumbled with and dropped the key. This took about 4-5 seconds. No big deal.

    Toward the end of my commute on a road in rural San Diego, a an old farm truck passed me. About 80 yards beyond me it swerved right, and plowed into the embankment. The driver was okay, but as I stopped and spoke with him it occurred to me; had I not fumbled my key, I would likely have been in that exact spot at the time he swerved.

    Simple. Twist. Of. Fate.

    Also, please keep making these!


    1. I’m glad you dropped your keys, Roy! It definitely occurred to me that had I stopped to use the restroom like I was going to, but didn’t, I would not have been in that spot at that time. And as a result, I have used the restroom before leaving work every day since. 🙂


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