Welcome Glad Spring

The title of this post was swiped from my mom’s brilliant mind. For those of you reading who worked with my mom, forgive me if I mangle the exact wording, she told this story better than I do. One year the potted plant by the office door withered its way down to a stick in a pot of dirt. My mom taped a sign to the potted stick that read something along the lines of, “The company entertainment committee would like to announce its latest production, ‘Welcome Glad Spring’. Please contact Bonnie in Accounting, 7th floor, for details!” There was no 7th floor and my mom’s office consisted of four people, none of whom were named Bonnie. ‘Welcome Glad Spring’ became one of our favorite catchphrases.

Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, and the sun!
Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, and the sun!

Today was the first truly beautiful Spring day of the season in my neck of the woods and I used up every glorious minute of it! To quote myself, from my own Facebook page today, “Spring, how I’ve missed you! With your towering white clouds and your warm yet cool temperatures…and your allergies and your gigantic spiders and water in my basement…hmm. Well, I can look past that! I missed you anyway!”

I ate lunch at Arby’s, watched the clouds out the big picture windows, and read a book. I ate a cherry turnover, which I haven’t done since Mom and I used to eat there and split one. The workers there know me from my mom’s and my prolific patronage. They were glad to see me back and it was nice to see them.

I happily waited in line at the do-it-yourself car wash to give my baby her first bath.

I took a thirty minute “road trip” to the other end of town. All the while basking in the beautiful sun and clouds that filled the sky. My destination? My favorite outdoor mall. The sidewalks were packed with fellow shoppers just as excited as I was to take in all the upper-sixties temperatures we could handle. The stores had their doors propped open to let in the breeze.

I strolled up and down the walkways in my sunglasses, happily peeling off layers until I was down to my t-shirt. I furnished my entire spring and summer wardrobe in one fell swoop. (I live in graphic tees.) I also clothed my sofa in new throw pillows.

I had dinner at Subway. Delicious ham sandwich, great music on the overhead, and more reading. First book in ages that I’ve enjoyed so much I find myself carving out extra time to get back to it.

I made several other stops for this and that, my car randomly picking perfect song after perfect song from my music collection. As I drove toward the sun on its way to the horizon I literally shouted at the windshield, “This day is awesome!”

Welcome Glad Spring.

Goodnight, sun. Thanks for a great day!
Goodnight, sun. Thanks for a great day!

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