A Youth Sports Wish

I had a dream Friday night. Out of the blue, with no prompting from my conscious mind, a family of stick figures presented me a story while I was sleeping. When I woke up Saturday morning and remembered the dream, I agreed with the stick figures that this is a story that should be shared.

I’ve written before about my experiences playing youth sports and how one of my former teammates, and still good friend, has started a mission to help herself and her fellow parents keep the spirit of youth sports in perspective as they guide their own children through their athletic journey.

This holiday season, a time when we often get a chance to slow down and reflect for a moment on how we live our lives, this stick figure family and I wanted to bring you a reminder about the Give The Game Back movement.

If you find yourself frazzled by the stress of your family’s youth sports story, or more importantly, if you sense your child is losing enjoyment in their favorite sport because of well-meaning, but possibly misguided adults, check out Heidi’s site. It’s full of helpful information and relatable stories.

One last thing, Heidi recently added a new product to her site to help parents remember not to criticize their kids on the ride home after a game. You can read about why she created it in this post she wrote. I think it’s a great idea.

Another great idea is that now through December 31, 2015, twenty-five percent of all sales will go to All Play Sports Complex. All Play is a wonderful organization in Omaha that provides barrier free access to sports and other recreational activities for people with disabilities.

Now, please enjoy this one minute story from the Youth Sports Stick Figure Family!

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