Stick Figures In Radio Land

Stick Figures In Radio Land

I love radio. I love drawing stick figures. These two worlds have now collided in my head resulting in what will from this point forward be known in the annals of stick figure history as the “Super Trilogy”. Three videos: two starring superheroes of radio and the other spotlighting a mumbleoke superstar.

I’ve been listening to The Pat and JT Morning Show on my local Omaha radio station, Q98.5, for several years now. My friend, Heidi, is a regular guest on the air every Thursday.

One thing Pat and JT are really good at, besides entertaining and informing their listeners, is making their listeners feel included in the show. Anybody who knows me knows I will never call into a radio show. On-the-spot speaking is not my thing. Thankfully, Pat and JT are all over social media. We all have a good time interacting via Twitter, during the show and after.

JT has always been generous in sharing my stick figure videos on Twitter in the past, a gesture that is much appreciated, and one day when we were discussing the latest video I had released, she asked, “Would you ever want to do a stick figure video based on the show?” My immediate reaction was, “um, YEAH. ABSOLUTELY!”

Pat and Jill and Whit (and Heidi, along with the show’s other regular guests) provide so much fun material every day, I knew I would not have trouble coming up with ideas. In fact, I had so many ideas, I couldn’t do just one video, so I put together three.

The first video, “Pat The Tease Killa“, is inspired by Pat’s tendency to thwart Jill’s attempts at teasing the listener’s appetite for an upcoming segment, by accidentally spoiling the surprise. The day he dubbed himself, Pat The Tease Killa, I knew my first video had been born.

In the second video, Pat The Tease Killa joins forces with JT The Super Searcher (super-skilled finder of information and gatherer of all things internet-y) and Whit The Mildly Disgruntled Millennial (Jill calls Whit “their angry millennial” on the radio, in jest, but c’mon, at his worst, Whit is never more than mildly disgruntled) to save the city from Boredom in the adventure, “JT The Super Searcher and The Carriers Of Knowledge“.

The final video is my salute to all things radio-Heidi. I will never forget the day I first heard the plan for the now “local radio phenomenon” that is mumbleoke. Heidi and I were sitting at lunch when she said, “I have this idea for something I want to do on the radio tomorrow…” The gist of that dot, dot, dot being she wanted to mumble the words to a song and have people call in to guess what it was…and she wanted to start with “Hips Don’t Lie” because she thought she could mumble a good Shakira voice. Yes, folks, mumbleoke was a PLANNED idea…that kind of awesome doesn’t just create itself. And I’ll never forget the day Heidi got her much begged for opening theme (thank you, Whit, for ending Heidi’s suffering). Both of these epic moments are featured in, “Heidi Uncut: Behind The Scenes With A Mumbleoke Superstar“. (You’ll also find stick figure Vanilla Ice and Backstreet Boys posters if you look carefully.)

If you live in the Omaha area, you can listen to Pat and JT on your radio weekdays from 5-10am on Q98.5FM. If you’re not lucky enough to catch them live on the air, you can listen from anywhere on their Q98.5 mobile app or on the web at

You can catch my “Pat and JT Stick Figure Cinema” videos right here at the end of this post or subscribe to my Maybe You Can Relate YouTube Channel

You can find all the rest of my stick figure videos in my Stick Figure Gallery.

You can follow all of us on Twitter (and most other social media) at @HumorMeShannon, @JTonQ, @PatisaBoy, @patandjt, @whitisgreat, and @woodardhi

Thanks for watching!

Pat The Tease Killa

JT The Super Searcher And The Carriers Of Knowledge

Heidi Uncut: Behind The Scenes With A Mumbleoke Superstar

4 thoughts on “Stick Figures In Radio Land”

    1. Well, that video would not exist without your meteoric rise to fame on the mumbleoke scene for me to base it on, so you can certainly claim half-credit. 😉 Thanks for all your support along the way!!


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