Day 3: Flurries With A One Hundred Percent Chance Of Egg Sandwich

I made an egg sandwich for dinner! If you know what a breakthrough that is for me, you’ll understand why that is an exclamation rather than a statement. I didn’t swing through the drive-thru. I didn’t microwave a frozen dinner. Instead, I thought of something that sounded good. I stopped at the store and bought ingredients. I chopped onions and sliced tomatoes. I stood at the stove. I ate sitting at the table. It was delicious. I did the dishes. And best of all…it was fun.

Today I was determined I was going to cook something for my dinner. Full disclosure, I did microwave a frozen meal for lunch. That was why I was so determined. These are baby steps I’m taking here, but I am not going to eat two frozen dinners in one day. I had no idea what sounded good until I was driving home and it suddenly hit me…EGG SANDWICH! I haven’t made one in months. I stopped at the corner store and bought red roma tomatoes and a new loaf of bread. When I read the labels on the food in my kitchen last night I realized my bread had all sorts of crap in it I had no idea could be put into bread. At the store I found a variety that contained ingredients I was more comfortable with, plus I remembered having it years ago and knew I liked it. I already had a fresh onion and mustard and eggs at home.

Egg sandwich with my Elvis drink coasters.
Egg sandwich with my Elvis drink coasters.

My egg sandwich with mustard, onions and beautiful red roma tomatoes. Chips and iced tea. It wasn’t greasy, it was filling, and it had plenty of protein, which is something I have noticed is particularly important for me. Yes, those are potato chips, but they are reduced fat and the only ingredients are potatoes, sunflower oil, and salt. I’m good with that and I like chips.

Exclamation number two: I got to walk in the snow today! It was flurrying while I took my walk after lunch. I love walking in the snow. I wished I had a scarf, because I hate when my neck is cold, but otherwise, I enjoyed it immensely. Had I had more lunch break left, I would have walked more.


There actually should be another .37 mile walk on there. One for the walk from the parking garage to my building in the morning and one from my building to the parking garage after work. However, this morning when I got in the building I stopped in the hall to talk Oscars with a coworker, didn’t get the app stopped properly, and had to delete that entry. We’ll all just imagine it there.

So, let’s recap.

Day 3

No foods or drinks that make me feel lousy: Ding! Not a one.
One Fruit or Veg (that’s not a potato): Ding! 1 banana. 1 roma tomato. Carrots in my lunch.
Fewer frozen dinners.
Breakfast: yogurt.
Lunch: prepackaged frozen meal *sad face*.
Dinner: NOT FROZEN, cooked by me, delicious, egg sandwich.

Screens off by midnight last night: Let’s not discuss how this went last night, I’m in such a good mood right now. I’ll share later.

Walk at least one mile: Ding! 1.75-ish miles today.

Bring on Day 4!

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