What is the difference between a foreword and a preface and an introduction? Believe it or not, I actually googled this question. That is the kind of detail freak I am. I found a very interesting and helpful article on just this topic, and as it turns out it is a preface I am writing.

The purpose of this blog is, frankly, to entertain myself. If anybody else stumbles upon it and also finds it in any way entertaining, well, that’s just icing on the blog cake. I love to write. I love to read. I love history. I love to read about the lives of everyday people from the past.

The details of everyday life fascinate me. My life, the lives of people like me, the lives of people different than me, the lives of people who lived years ago in a different time and place, so many things change and so many things stay the same. I love to read memoirs. Especially memoirs of women living through World War II. Times were changing fast out of necessity and women found themselves in a multitude of roles they might never have imagined themselves in before the war. Now I’m in a situation I never imagined myself in and I want to document things as my life changes. I didn’t want to reference this major life change in the title of my blog, because someday my life won’t be defined by this change as it is now, but I did want to dedicate this blog to my mom.

In order to write all these memoirs I read, people kept journals. Not just of big events, but of their daily lives. Reading what someone was doing when they heard the news on VE Day is interesting, but I find it more interesting that they ate breakfast every morning at Joe’s Diner on the corner, then went to work riveting airplane wings at the bomber factory, and ended the day by going downtown to watch a 35 cent movie. I would like to be able to look back someday on my daily life like I look back on other people’s lives when I read their memoirs. And let’s face it, tomorrow morning, today will be the past, so I’d best start jotting things down. Time is ticking away and you never know when things might change.

Postscript to the Preface

I plan to write anonymously, but for any of my friends and family who read this and know it’s me, I just want to emphasize that on the whole, I’m doing well. If I ever write about being sad, don’t worry about me, I’m okay. If I’m ever not okay, I promise to let you know, outside of this blog. 🙂 The sadness comes and goes and according to the brochures is a perfectly normal part of the grieving process. Which I still can’t  believe is a process in which I am taking part.

From here on out posts will be about my daily life, lighter in subject matter, and not nearly so long. My first two posts were special. I actually have other posts ready to go but since today is exactly one month since mom passed away, I thought it fitting to post the two posts about mom on their own.