My Phone Just Got A Whole Lot Smarter

2013_0127 Sunday Some call it poor retail impulse control. I call it razor-sharp, perfectly-honed, lightning-fast decision making skills. This afternoon I made the comment to a friend, "my phone's not that smart...". Three hours later I was impulse-buying a Samsung Galaxy S3. Well, it wasn't exactly an impulse. I had been mulling over the idea… Continue reading My Phone Just Got A Whole Lot Smarter

My Six Stages Of Laundry. Subtitled: It’s Everywhere.

2013_0126 Saturday As I moved from room to room today cleaning my house the following realization struck me. My laundry is everywhere. All the time. It never ends. So, here I bring you... My Six Stages Of Laundry: An Analysis. Stage 1: Probably Ought To Get Around To Washing These Location: My bedroom for clothes,… Continue reading My Six Stages Of Laundry. Subtitled: It’s Everywhere.

A Beginning Follows An End

2013_0125 Friday Death certificates and headstones. They feel very final. But, I believe a beginning always follows an end. I picked up the copies of my mom's Certificate Of Death today. I had never seen one before. It is a surreal thing to read when it belongs to someone you love. It's so clinical, with… Continue reading A Beginning Follows An End