Cindy Brady’s Magician, Meet Norman Bates

Oh, Cindy Brady, I totally get where you're coming from, sister. My day began watching Cindy Brady unable to sleep with the lights off because of an unfortunate encounter with a magician at her little friend's birthday party. She saw the image of him making his assistant disappear every time she closed her eyes. My… Continue reading Cindy Brady’s Magician, Meet Norman Bates

My Six Stages Of Laundry. Subtitled: It’s Everywhere.

2013_0126 Saturday As I moved from room to room today cleaning my house the following realization struck me. My laundry is everywhere. All the time. It never ends. So, here I bring you... My Six Stages Of Laundry: An Analysis. Stage 1: Probably Ought To Get Around To Washing These Location: My bedroom for clothes,… Continue reading My Six Stages Of Laundry. Subtitled: It’s Everywhere.